In the new world of work,
passion rules.

In the new world of business,
performance matters.

Compassionate Outplacement


Traditional Outplacement Services are no longer effective, and they certainly won’t be effective in today’s climate. Outplaced employees during this time will be entering an entirely different workforce.

But there is a way you can transition outplaced workers to a better career. Our revolutionary Renew Workforce program helps transition employees from your company…into a purposeful career or business.

This program is extremely cost effective, delivered virtually, and guaranteed to ensure outplaced talent find their FIT with a purposeful business or career.

Workforce Renewal Programs*:

– Personalized Assessment and Consultation
– On Demand Discovery Program to Assess Purpose and Career Persona
– 8 small group coaching sessions
– Personal Branding Program and Resume Marketing System
– Placement in Talent on Purpose FIT Recruiting System
– On Demand Career Transformation Program or Online Business Launch Program
– New World of Work book

*Customized programs available to meet unique needs for executive outplacement or other corporate objectives.

Is it time to accelerate your business?