A talented workforce
doing meaningful work
is now the differentiator.


In the new world of work,
passion rules.


In the new world of business,
performance matters.


visionOur vision is simple: Talent on Purpose POWERS the New World of Work. Now more than ever before, companies need smart, passionate, talented people to re-shape and rejuvenate the way business gets done.

The challenge for most businesses is finding the BEST FIT for the new World of Work. It starts with creating a culture that attracts the right talent, beginning with transforming leadership in such a way that they are able to ignite peak performance among the team.

Passion.  Performance.  Productivity.


valuesPassion: Passion fuels the new world of work. Igniting a passionate workforce is paramount to creating a place where people want to work.

Performance: Competing in today’s business requires the ability transform teams, projects, products, services, markets and leadership. Performance matters, and transformational thinking ignites performance.

Productivity: Engaging the passion of your workforce leads to higher productivity and gives companies a competitive edge in the new world of business.

Our Talent On Purpose Leadership Team

Terri Maxwell, CEO & President

Terri 200x200Terri’s purpose is to Inspire Potential and she does that by managing a portfolio of businesses that are changing the way business is done. On purpose. Terri is founder and CEO of Succeed on Purpose, a revolutionary training platform that teaches professionals how to turn their purpose into a career. In a career that spans more than 20 years, she has launched, owned, sold, re-branded or turned around more than 40 brands and now serves as a consultant to individuals and companies seeking to accelerate growth. It’s not what she does that matters; it’s how she does it. Every business in the Share on Purpose portfolio, and the clients they serve, receives tireless passion, purposeful expertise and authentic servant leadership.

Jill Stucker, Managing Partner

Jill 200x200

Jill’s purpose is to Inspire Success. She is passionate about leading social change and building the capabilities of an organization driven by the values of its people. Her track record includes leading an executive management team on this purpose and developing values-driven performance cultures among diverse talented individuals. Her forte lies in the recruitment and retention of high performance teams. A change catalyst and motivator known for unrivaled integrity, a winning attitude and competitive drive, Jill has an exceptional ability to boost bottom line results and shareholder value through clear vision and execution of talent acquisition and management strategies that support the goals of organization in the new world of business.

Millicent Poole, Corporate Trainer

Millicent 200x200Millicent’s purpose is to inspire potential. Best known as a professional speaker and trainer, Millicent Martin Poole has dedicated her life to impacting lives. Millicent has trained and spoken to companies, professional organizations, women’s groups and churches. Her warmth, authenticity, and fun take on life, from a woman’s perspective, is what resonates with her audiences long after her presentations. Through her speaking, Millicent helps organizations, associations and churches transform and empower her audiences. In her spare time, she is an expository bible teacher and writer for printed publications.

Whitney Taylor, Programs

whitney 200x200Whitney’s purpose is to create insights. Whitney first saw the revelation of living a life on purpose after graduating from the Succeed On Purpose programs. Understanding and experiencing, on a personal level, the changes this content created in her life, she is dedicated to instilling this understanding in others. She is a natural born problem-solver and execution driver that leads the behind-the-scenes organizing and planning of the logistics for each Share program.