In the new world of work,
passion rules.

In the new world of business,
performance matters.



Our vision is simple: Talent on Purpose IGNITES performance and transforms cultures. We help transform Good Organizations into GREAT Places to Work.

Now more than ever before, companies need smart, passionate, talented people to re-shape and rejuvenate the way business gets done. Our research found that it’s less about getting empplyees to perform, and more about finding performers in the first place. That’s what we call BEST TALENT – smart, natural leaders who are driven to perform in the first place. To find high performers, it starts with creating a culture that attracts the best talent. Transforming your culture requires authentic leaders who know how to inspire performance and maximize productivity.


valuesPassion: Passion fuels performance. Finding and igniting an engaged workforce is paramount to creating a place where teams love to win.

Performance: Competing in today’s business requires the ability to transform ideas into action, challenges into innovation, and strategies into results. We built the Four Forces model to ignite performance through authentic leadership.

Productivity: To accelerate performance, productivity gaps must be eliminated, and that includes compassionately exiting leaders who don’t inspire results or authentic lead teams.

Our Talent On Purpose Leadership Team

Terri Maxwell,

CEO & President

Terri is a serial entrepreneurial geek who considers building businesses better than a party. Her love for business is matched only by her passion for life.

Stephanie Renna

Stephanie has been with our company since 2012, and has played just about every role possible. She now serves as our Director – Talent ensuring we hire the best associates and accelerate their passion for winning.